By Serge Nadeau
CFOU 89.1 FM (Canada)

Did you know Mr. Neal Smith, the legendary drummer of the original Alice Cooper, has a personality disorder? Oh, you didn’t know that? According to our sources, the Platinum God behaves strangely these days and his behaviour reminds me of the saga of Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde. During the day, he works normally as a realtor and during the night, he transforms himself like a beast ready to grab his prey!

Last night, he did a wrongdoing in his neighbourhood and the police were immediately alerted. The police have arrested him when he got back home.

Then, the police found a weird recording on his basement to incriminate his particular alter ago called Killsmith! On that recording, he proclaimed to be the Sexual Savior, a psycho of the modern times with apocalyptical visions on youth, on human being and especially on sex relationship! I think the Marquis de Sade will be proud of the legacy of Killsmith but not the police!

The bizarre thing on that story was that I was already aware of his disturbed mind when he gave me a feedback about his newest work on March 2004, but I’ve done nothing to save my pal:

« I am working on a new solo project… that is very killer! It is a very industrial strength journey into the dark side of Neal Smith and it is not for the faint of heart! I love it to death and I’m very excited»!

Concerning the police investigation, we know his mysterious recording contains 11 stories and some of them have twisted titles as How do you bleed? Naked And The Raw? or Can’t Get You Outta My Skull? These titles won’t certainly help him to stay away from a straitjacket!

Also, the police have noted that KillSmith added loud and distorted music’s clip on each story. Apparently, his musical approach has certain similarities with thrash metal band like Megadeth, gothic metal band like Type-0-Negative or industrial metal band like Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein. Sometimes, his incantation sounds a bit as Dave Mustaine or Rob Helford’s voice. You know how are the detective work?

Furthermore, the police have discovered an incriminating document, it’s like a booklet with XXX pictures and words, and it is written that Killsmith (guitar) played with Fingers Smith (synthesizer) and Rattlesnake Smith (drum)! At this moment, the police didn’t know if KillSmith has played himself all the instruments or has changed his name to complicate the investigation. He could be helped by partners in crimes too. The problem is still unsolved!

One thing is sure; KillSmith loves to cope with the darkness force of life today as he did three decades ago with the Alice Cooper. At that period of time, he was hidden under the personality of Neal Smith, a honest American citizen! It’s really KillSmith, not Neal, who brought the boa constrictor in the band to terrorize the innocent American youth! He did participate too in many brainstorming to corrupt the youth with the past release albums of Killer (a calendar with a gallow) and School’s Out (panties = sex), two important sources of inspiration found on Sexual Savior. The police want to ban his latest recording for not committed the same mistake as they did before with Killer, an album with a dark climax and music. As predicted, these two albums are still provocative lyrically, visually and musically. The auditors are always under attack! This is why Alice Cooper stuff and Killsmith are really dangerous for people of all nations.

There is no doubt about it, KillSmith will be sued for the St-Valentine day’s massacre (2008) ! This is sad news for all his fans and good news for politicians and preachers!

P.S.: His latest recording is on sale now to raise some funds to free him : Please don’t say a word to the cops!