Desolation Angels – Rise of the BOAS

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Desolation Angeles – Rise Of The BOAS is a full length action adventure movie. Greek tragedy where loyalties are tested and revenge is justice.

Neal as Yury

Neal Smith plays the part of Yury in Jayson Byrd’s “Desolation Angels – Rise of the BOAS”

I’m Neal Smith and I play the role of Yury Streinkov in Jayson Byrd’s new movie Desolation Angeles Rise of the Boas. Yury is the ruthless leader, God Father if you will, of a powerful Russian crime family.

Operating from its epicenter in Brighton Beach, Yury unleashes his brutal barbaric brand of violence in and around the tri-state area of New York. Yury’s closest allies are the Mexican cartel.

He is always on a vigilant watch looking for outside entities to disrupt and destroy his business. Yuri will violently protect his Russian and Mexican allies to the death.

Whether enemies looking to vanquish Yuri and his business are local, national or international, his sick, evil mind will use any bloody, violent means at his disposal to protect, enforce and expand his vast criminal empire.

Desolation Angels/Rise of the BOAS (DA/ROTB) is a movie based on the morality issues raised in classical Greek mythology. The question continues to haunt man: Are we able to change our fate or is life predestined by the gods?

In DA/ROTB a group of mercenaries are hired by a covert government agency to disrupt the relationship between the Russian mob and the Mexican drug cartels.

The BOAS are a group of highly trained,ex-military contractors who work for whomever pays. In this case it’s the higher- ups of a shadow government.

Some BOAS have normal jobs, or pretend to at face value. They have no moral code; in general they like what they have been trained to do. The thought of killing anyone is not an issue they even ponder.

Along the way, a few try to change their fate without success.

Their Russian adversaries are ruthless and care nothing for human life. They care only about maximizing profits from their lucrative drug trade.

The head of the Russian mob, Yury, has no qualms about using excessive force to persuade those in his path to comply. Unfortunately the BOAS adopt his satanically driven methods.

The result is not a fight between good and evil but rather a battle between evil and evil.

The movie is old style B&W and is 90 minutes in length.

We are asking for donations on Indiegogo to help us edit this project, a labor of love for the 50 actors involved. There are different reward levels, including the chance to be part of a private screening of the movie with Neal Smith.

The production was filmed entirely in Fairfield and New Haven counties in the state of Connecticut.

Our plan is to enter the film in festivals to gain recognition for a talented group of actors, and gain industry awareness ,so we’ll be able to shoot another new, conceptually different movie in the future. Learn more by visiting and following the DA/ROTB Facebook page.

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