“Desolation Angels/Rise of the BOAS” the movie and video

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Jayson Byrd, a photographer who has shot everyone from Paul Newman to Bob Dylan to Edith Stapleton and Morris Carnovsky, has completed a full-length feature film. Among the 40-plus actors in the film is Neal Smith, a drummer and founding member of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame band “Alice Cooper.”

Desolation Angels/Rise of the BOAS is a movie based on the morality issues raised in classical Greek mythology. The question continues to haunt man: Are we are able to change our fate or is life predestined by the gods. The film was shot at more than 30 locations in Fairfield County Connecticut and environs.

In Desolation Angels/Rise of the BOAS a group of mercenaries are hired by a covert government agency to disrupt the relationship between the Russian mob and the Mexican drug cartels.

The movie is old style B&W and is two hours in length.

Available on CD-Baby –“Desolation Angels” (Neal Smith Song)

“Desolation Angels” is the theme song written and arranged by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Drummer and founding member of the original Alice Cooper group Neal Smith, for the soon to be released movie, Desolation Angels/Rise of the BOAS. Neal also stars as ruthless Russian mob boss, Yury Streinkov

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