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Neal Smith Deluxe Edition CD Music Book
“The Story of KillSmith & The Greenfire Empire”
The Last Rock Opera
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The Story of KillSmith & The Greenfire Empire Hot off the presses and available for the very first time, this deluxe CD music book tells the complete Greenfire story along with all of the song lyrics and song credits. This 30 page deluxe book, of course, also includes Neal’s newest CD, KillSmith & The Greenfire Empire the third in his critically acclaimed KillSmith series. The KillSmith band has garnered praise from fans and critics worldwide. And now, Neal takes his ferocious brand of rock and roll to another level! This time “KillSmith & The GreenFire Empire” tells a deadly tail by weaving a tapestry of musical styles making the “GreenFire” story come alive with words, music and images.

The Story of KillSmith & The Greenfire EmpireThe Story of KillSmith & The Greenfire Empire